Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mystery Tool

I picked this up recently:

Clearly a promotional item.  Other than "Made in Canada", it's stamped "ENR. 1976  No. 40773."  I can figure out the bottle opener (maybe to save the seatbelts--see Seat Belt Bottle Opener) and screw driver, but the functions of the prongs at the bottom and stepped recess at the top elude me.


lbgradwell said...

I would "hazard" a guess that this is a golf tool and that the two prongs are for repairing golf ball divots on the greens.

The small point (on the right side of the recess) is for cleaning the grooves on the club face, while the recess itself might be a wrench for tightening the spikes on the shoes...

The Duke said...

Many thanks! I'm glad to have the mystery solved. Now, if only I were a golfer!